U Wun (Minthuwun) Bio Data

1 Name

U Wun (10-02-1909 to 15-08-2004)

2 Day of Birth


3 Place of Birth

Kungyangon, Yangon Division

4 Father's Name

U Lun Bin (1872 to 1960)

5 Mother's Name

Daw Mi (1878 to 1962)


Brother and Sisters

(1)  Daw Tin Nu (eldest sister)
(1906 to 2002)

(2)  U Tun Kyi (younger brother)
(1913 to 1987)

(3)  Daw Sin Pu (younger sister)
(1914 to 1941)

(4)  Daw Yin Nu/ Nu Yin (youngest sister)
(1916 to 2006)

7 Marital Status

Married (11-6-1942) at Nyaungdon



Day of Birth

Daw Kyi Kyi, B.A. (Ed…), B.Ed.. 

(12-07-1918 to 29-12-2006)




(1)  U Nyan Soe @ Edgar Wun (14-3-1943) (Sunday)

(2)  U Htin Kyaw @ Dalaban (20-7-1946) (Saturday)

(3)  Daw Hta Cho @ Rosaline Wun @ Hnin Thu Wun (13-9-1947) (Saturday)

10. Education

Education Qualification – B.Litt. (Oxon.)
─ Primary Education (circa 1916)
up to Standard Six (U Po Hlaing's Vernacular Middle School)
─ Middle School Education (1921-1926)
(i) Up to Sixth Form (1921-1923) (Kungyangon National Anglo Vernacular School)
(ii) Standard Five to Standard Seven (1923-1926)
(St. John's High School, Yangon was awarded a Scholarship for attaining the fourth position in the Seventh Standard Government Examination).
─ High School Education (1926-1929)
Matriculated in 1929 (St. John's High School – with a Distinction in Geography).
─ Tertiary Education (1929-1935)
(i) Intermediate of Arts/ I.A. (1929) (University College, Yangon – was permitted to complete the I.A. course within a year as a Special Student/ S Student).
(ii) B.A. (First Class Honours in Burmese – 1933) (University College, Yangon)
(iii) M.A. (Good Second Class Honours in Burmese – 1935) (University College, Yangon)
─ Overseas Education
(i) B.Litt. (1936-1938) (University of Oxford, United Kingdom – specialized in Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan and General Linguistics)
(ii) Further Study and Training (1938-1939) (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, United Kingdom – Underwent training in Lexicography with Professor Dr. J.A.. Stewart).
(iii) Further Study (1952) (Graduate School, Yale University, New Haven, United States of America – studied General Linguistics)

11. National Service

(1) Part Time Tutor in Burmese (1933-1935), University College, Yangon.
(2) Tutor in Burmese (1935-1936), University College, Yangon.
(3) Assistant Lecturer in Burmese (1939), University College, Yangon.
(4) Chief Editor (1939-1945) (World War II)
    Dictionary Section, Pyinnya Tagun Athin (Burmese Academy)
   (- Before working as Chief Editor, worked for a brief period at the University)
(5) Assistant Lecturer in Burmese (1945), Emergency University Classes – EUC.
(6) Lecturer in Burmese (1946), University College, Yangon.
(7) Chief Editor (1953), University Translation and Publications Department, Yangon University.
(8) Professor in Burmese (1961), Rangoon University.
    (- Acted as Professor for the duration of one year at the request of authorities concerned)
(9) Chief Editor (1962)
    University Translation and Publications Department, Yangon University.
(10) Officer on Special Duty – OSD (1968-1971)
    Ministry of Education
    (- After retiring from Government Service, continued services at the University Translation and Publications Department)

12. Foreign Missions

(1) 1947 – Representative at the Congress of Asian Relations, New Delhi, India.
(2) 1957 (Oct.) – Member of Cultural Delegation to Moscow, Russia.
 (- Toured China, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany and France).
(3) 1961 (Oct.) – Member of Burmese Cultural Delegation to the People's Republic of China.

13. Foreign Service

Visiting Professor in Burmese (1975-1979)
Osaka University of Foreign Languages, Japan
    (i) Published a Burmese Primer in collaboration with Professor Masaharu Harada.
    (ii) Published the Burmese – Japanese Dictionary in collaboration with Professors Masaharu Harada and Toru Ono.
    (iii) Wrote a book of conversations in Burmese in collaboration with Professor Toru Ono.
    (iv) Published a Paper titled "Some Burmese Poems Depicting Burmese Life" in collaboration with Professor Masaharu Harada.
    (v) Wrote three research papers on Burmese Language and Literature in the Bulletin of Osaka University of Foreign Languages.

14. Publication

Has published (13) books during the year (1936-1980). The books include collections of children's poetry and literature, writings on Burmese literature and cultural aspects. The latest two publications which were published in the year 1980 are translations. One is a collection of Burmese translations of Japanese Haiku and the other is a translation of Shakespeare's King Lear, which was awarded the National Literary Award for Translation.
The Pyinma Stump which is one of the most well-known poems has been translated by Professor Dr. G.H. Luce and can be found in 'Henery: An Anthology by World Poets', Bern Poter 1970. Quite a number of other poems have been translated into the English language by British as well as Burmese writers.

15. Social Services

(1) Rendered services in the fund raising of the Kungyangon National A.V. School.
(2) While attending High School, acted as a Volunteer Teacher at a free nigh school opened at Daw Mya May's Buddhist Girls' Middle School,
    Canal Street, Yangon.
(3) Began writing verses and songs for children in 1931.
(4) As a University Student, during the years 1933-1935 took up the following responsibilities –
    (i) Secretary of the Burmese Association, University College.
    (ii) Secretary of the University Buddhist Association.
    (iii) Editor of University College Magazine, Burmese Section.
(5) Editor of the World of Books of the Burma Education Extension Association (BEEA)
(6) Acted as committee member of the Burma Education Extension Association.
(7) Was one of the founders of the Burma Translation Society (BTS) or Sarpay Beikman.
(8) Was actively involved in the re-establishment of the following positions-
    (i) Editor of the Burma Research Society Journal
    (ii) Editor of the Burma Research Society's Publications
    (iii) Chairman of the Burma Research Society (BRS)
(9) Was a member of the committee for the Standardization and Editing of Burmese Classical Songs
(10) Was a member of the committee for the Translation of the Laws.
(11) Was a member of the committee of the Translation of Buddhist Canonical Texts into Burmese.
(12) Play a leading role in the devising of the Burmese Braille.
(13) Wrote the Primer for the 3R Campaign and initiated is teaching technique.
(14) Was a member of the Education Section of the Burma Socialist Programme Party and took part in the selection and training of the
     department's assistant Editors.
(15) Was the Chairman of the Committee for the establishment of the Burma Writer's Association.
(16) Was a member of the Cultural Advisory Committee of the Pyithuhluttaw Construction.
(17) Was a member of the Burmese Commission.
(18) Was actively involved in (13) committees which played crucial role in the establishment of Myanmar (Burma) as a Sovereign State.